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Philippe Durand, PhD

Philippe Durand, co-founder of Kallistem, initiated the project Kallistem from his work for 20 years at INRA, INSERM and at the Functional Genomics Institute of Lyon. Training physiologist, he did most of his research career in the field of molecular endocrinology. In addition to his research activities, he was Director of Animal Physiology station at INRA Tours-Nouzilly, head of the Animal Physiology Department of INRA for 10 years and led the unit 418 of the Inserm. He was responsible for the group "Functional genomics of reproduction" at the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, located at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Philippe Durand is co-author of 150 scientific publications published in international journals. He holds the position of Scientific Director of the company.

Marie-Hélène Perrard, PhD

Marie-Hélène Perrard, co-founder of Kallistem is Manager of Research at CNRS. From 1994, she has participated in the creation and validation of two innovative culture systems of male germ cells (Bio- AlteR® and ARTISTEM). She is a specialist of the study of the regulations of spermatogenesis, of the culture of testicular cells and of cytological study of these cultures. She co-signed forty scientific papers published in international journals, including 20 on the Bio-AlteR® technology. She chairs the Scientific Council of Kallistem. 

Guillaume Martin, PhD

Doctor in Reproductive Biology from the University Claude Bernard of Lyon (France), Guillaume Martin started his career by studying programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the spermatozoa. After an experience as manager in a semen production laboratory for the livestock industry, he has developed an interest for the problem of male fertility decrease when he worked as hospital engineer in a laboratory for medically assisted procreation / center for the study and conservation of eggs and human sperm. He joined in this context Kallistem in 2012, shortly after the creation of the company. Guillaume Martin now uses his skills to the study of the impact of different compounds on spermatogenesis and to the development of new technologies to optimize the production of spermatozoa in vitro.

Antonine Blondet-Trichard, PhD

Antonine Blondet-Trichard received her PhD in endocrinology and metabolism at the Claude Bernard University of Lyon in 2004. She has managed research projects on endocrine function of the adrenal for 7 years, and was temporary teaching of biology at the University of Clermont Ferrand for 2 years. Her experience in cellular and molecular biology has allowed her to join Kallistem in April 2013 where she is now responsible for the molecular biology platform.

Emilie Christin

After obtaining a higher technical certificate Bio Analysis and Controls, then a Professional Degree in Biochemistry-Biology-Biotechnology, Emilie Christin had an initial two years of experience in Quality Control in Biomerieux. She then joined the Kallistem team at its inception in 2012. Today she is a specialist of the Bio AlteR® and Artistem® technologies.

Scientific advisory board

Hervé Lejeune, MD, PhD

Hervé LEJEUNE is endocrinologist, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Lyon. Past president of the French Speaking Society of Andrology (Société d’Andrologie de Langue Française). Director of the Andrology Unit of the Service of Reproductive Medicine at the university-hospital of Lyon, France. The Andrology Unit is specially involved in investigation and treatment of male infertility, male hypogondism and sexual dysfunctions. The main research topics are the physiopathology of male infertility and the fertility preservation in prepubertal boys.

Roger Mieusset, MD, PhD

Roger Mieusset is in charge of the center for male & female infertility and andrology (Centre d’Infertilité Féminine, Masculine et Andrologie, CIFMA) of the reproductive medicine department at Toulouse hospital (CHU). He is co-author of 66 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is member of the French Speaking Society of Andrology (Société d’Andrologie de Langue Française), founding member of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA), 1992 and of the International Consortium for Male Contraception, 2014. 

Georges Pointis, PhD

Georges Pointis is a cell biologist and a biochemist. He is Research Director at INSERM. His group was interested in the mechanisms that regulate the male reproductive function: from the ontogeny of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, to the paracrine regulation and intratesticular junctional communication. He established an immortalized cell line of Sertoli cells for toxicological analysis purposes. He is co-author of more 90 publications, and serves as a consultant for several research organizations and journals. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of journal "Spermatogenesis".

Marie Guichaoua, PhD