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We have created a funding pot so that all those who wish can participate in the research of the therapeutic project so that it succeeds and can benefit more quickly to the man. We need you!
It should be noted that since the press conference organized by the CNRS in 2015, we have received a very large number of e-mails from patients around the world who suffer from sterility.



Kallistem, in collaboration with its partners, develops Artistem®, an innovative cellular therapy technology where the finality will be to allow the maturation of germinal stem cells and the production, ex vivo, of spermatozoa.

The technology is currently under preclinical development.


A testicular biopsy is achieved in boys, before treatment for cancer, or in adult men. The stem cells are then cryopreserved or directly cultivated with Artistem technology in order to mature cells into fully functional spermatozoa (72 days).

Then, in vitro fecondation will be performed by ICSI (intra cytoplasmique sperm injection).