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We have created a funding pot so that all those who wish can participate in the research of the therapeutic project so that it succeeds and can benefit more quickly to the man. We need you!
It should be noted that since the press conference organized by the CNRS in 2015, we have received a very large number of e-mails from patients around the world who suffer from sterility.


Why Bio-AlteR®?

Bio-AlteR® is the most relevant cellular model for a reliable, accurate and fast testicular toxicity screening to date

No other spermatogenesis model has been so carefully and extensively validated these 10 last years. Kallistem, expert in the field of ex vivo spermatogenesis has contributed hugely to this objective. Go to publications

Bio-AlteR® has proven its predictivity and reproducibility for the testing of many molecules such as drugs, chemical compounds, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants… Download the list of the compounds tested by Bio-AlteR®

Bio-AlteR® is a medium throughput assay, allowing the screening of a large number of compounds in a reasonable timeframe and cost. This finally opens up the prospect of an early evaluation of the selected compounds during the Drug Discovery Process or in pre-clinical steps. BioAlteR has the potential to reduce the attrition rate linked to the testicular toxicity.

Compounds (or their identified active metabolites) are evaluated at low (“physiological”) concentrations, up to 4 weeks’ time duration, which enables the drugs/chemicals toxic effect reversibility to be evaluated.

By using one single test, but several approaches (cell physiology, cytology, biochemical and molecular endpoints), Bio-AlteR® gives you a comprehensive answer on the mechanisms responsible for the gonadal toxicity or carcinogenic effect of compounds.

Cross-species comparison studies are feasible, (rat, mouse, dog, monkey, human).