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We have created a funding pot so that all those who wish can participate in the research of the therapeutic project so that it succeeds and can benefit more quickly to the man. We need you!
It should be noted that since the press conference organized by the CNRS in 2015, we have received a very large number of e-mails from patients around the world who suffer from sterility.


Customized services

Bio-AlteR® Juvenile

Primary culture of seminiferous tubules from juvenile tissue.

In vitro toxicology studies of spermatogenesis can be performed from cultures of seminiferous tubules of prepubertal rats (rats 6-8 days, Sprague Dawley, Wistar).

Toxicity studies on spermatogenesis are thus performed before the establishment of the blood-testis barrier.

This system is particularly suited to juvenile toxicology application.

Bio-AlteR® Sertoli Focus

Culture of Sertoli cells, then addition of a total germ cell population.

This co-culture allows the treatment of the Sertoli cells independently of the germ cells.

Indeed, if only germ cells are altered by the compound, it is likely that spermatogenesis will resume after stopping the treatment, due to the arrival of new waves of differentiating germ cells.

Conversely, if Sertoli cells are damaged by the compound, a possible recovery should be less likely, since after the establishment of the blood testis barrier, the population of Sertoli cells is practically fixed for the rest of the life.

Immunodetection of Cx43 in co-cultures of PS and SC :

Cx43 immunolabeling (green) was detected as punctuate staining between PS and SC (arrow).
Nuclei were DAPI-labeled and appeared in blue. SC were identified by their vimentin labeling (red).
Cells were incubated with mouse and rabbit IgG as a negative control. Scale bars: 10 µM.

2D cellular Culture

Cell line culture

Sertoli cell line (SERW3)

Cytotoxicity assays

Leydig cell lines (TM3 ou MA-10)

Cytotoxicity assays
Androgenic hormones concentration measurements

Primary cell culture

Primary culture of Sertoli cell line

Toxicity assays

Primary culture of Leydig cell line

Toxicity assays
Androgenic hormones concentration measurements

The testicular toxicity assay that you’ve always wanted is available from KALLISTEM

From a screening platform...

Adult or juvenile model
Blood testis barrier (BTB) integrity
Trans-epithelial resistance (TEER) measurement

Modification of cell number populations
Cell viability and FACS analysis
Specific cell gene expression analysis
(6 different testicular cellular population and BTB components)
Endocrine Disruptor effects
Specific cell gene expression analysis
(hormones & signalling pathway)
Bio-AlteR® Sertoli Focus
Sertoli cell cuture / Leydig cell culture
(primary cells or cell line) a mode of action determination.