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Therapeutic Application : Artistem®

 Kallistem, in collaboration with its partners, develops Artistem®, an innovative cellular therapy technology where the finality will be to allow the maturation of germinal stem cells and the production, ex vivo, of fertilizing spermatozoa. The maturation technology is currently under preclinical development and not ready right now for a clinical application. Kallistem and its team constantly make every effort to develop Artistem® technology the most efficiently and to get the maximum of safety for each patient concerned. 


Indications relevant to Artistem® cellular therapy technology concern patients who have germinal stem cells but cannot produce spermatozoa: 

Pre-adolescent children:

-Undergoing gonadotoxic treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) which can lead to sterility;

-Who have undergone operations for bilateral cryptorchidism;

-Suffering from severe sickle-cell disease and who require bone marrow transplants.

Adult patients suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia which is linked to spermatogenesis somatic deficiency. These men do not produce spermatozoa but do possess germinal stem cells.


A testicular biopsy is achieved in boys, before treatment for cancer, or in adult men. The stem cells are then cryopreserved or directly cultivated with Artistem technology in order to mature cells into fully functional spermatozoa. The aim is to produce ex vivo spermatozoa. Then, in vitro fecondation will be performed by ICSI (intra cytoplasmique sperm injection).

This procedure of culture must be achieved in very-well controlled conditions in order to respect regulatory and bioethic aspects. 

Kallistem is committed to develop new treatments of male infertility. If you are interested by Artistem® technology and if you want to be regularly informed on the advances of the clinical development, please send us an email to to receive our information letter.