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Artistem ® is a cellular therapy technology for the treatment of male infertility, as part of medically assisted reproduction by in vitro fecondation.

Indications concern patients who have germinal stem cells but cannot produce spermatozoa.

Pre-adolescent children:
Undergoing gonadotoxic treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) which can lead to sterility;

Who have undergone operations for bilateral cryptorchidism;

Suffering from severe sickle-cell disease and who require bone marrow transplants.

Adult patients suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia which is linked to spermatogenesis somatic deficiency. These men do not produce spermatozoa but do possess germinal stem cells.

For these patients, Artistem ® present the advantage of benefiing of their own sperm instead of an anonymous donor sperm for the in vitro fecondation.